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Awesome, was looking for something to make our new LED lights on the tree flash this device makes that happen. For what these controllers were and the cost, they are an excellent addition to my Lawn Christmas display. The added motion make my display stand out from the others in the neighborhood much to the delight of children. Best compliment you can hear when they look at the yard is "ooooooh and aaaaaaaah"


 by Christine on Christmas Light Controller

oh we lloved this so had several different sequences you could set the lights for...we loved it and so did our christmas company...everybody wanted to know where i got it...i had been looking for a flasher like this for years...all i could find was those little flasher light that come with your lights, which we never could get to work right...great job on this flasher.  It has several options to choose from. It made me very happy to see twinkling lights again.

 by Schopf on Christmas Light Controller

I bought this for my office open sign to make it flash & stand out. I also connected another controller to the trees in front of my office. Works very well. People ask me whether I hired the pros to decorate the trees and I just say it is this controller. I like the fact that it works equally well with incandescent lights and LED lights. I especially like the Slow Fade and Twinkling functions. There are 16 functions to choose from. Good buy for a heavy duty flasher.

 by ManicBobo on Christmas Light Controller

I have an artificial tree that came with non-blinking string lights. I wanted blinking lights but was unaware that there were controllers that could produce blinking lights until I found this product. The unit hooked up easily and produced the effects I was looking for, with eight different settings. Very pleased with StarDunes controller. Works exactly as advertised! I have recommended the controller to friends as it does a great job to animate Christmas tree lights, without needing to buy expensive "blinking" light strings.

 by Moya1224 on Christmas Light Controller

I own a large Christmas Angel lit up with about 300 little lights. This angel is blowing a horn with its own set of lights. In the past I have gotten the horn to blink with a blinking bulb in the string. Blinking bulbs do not last. This Christmas Light Controller does even better than a blinking bulb. I can set the display to change the lighting in several ways. This product meet all of my expectations and I would recommend it for most any lighting display needing variations.

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