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This controller has 16 flash and fade functions and also has a timer with 5 functions. This is a single channel controller - that means all the lights connected to the controller will work in synchronized fashion.


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Control your Patio Lights, Balcony Lights, Deck Lights, Porch Lights, String Lights, Backyard lights, Christmas and Holiday Lights, Halloween Lights, Hanging Lights, Festoon Lights, Party Lights, Garden and Eaves Lights, Wrapped Tree Lights etc.


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4 Channel Light Controller for Holiday Lights, Christmas Lights, Outdoor Decorations. Create Dazzling Light Displays with Multiple Functions, Chasing, Twinkle, Shooting Star, Stacking, Sparkle etc.

WELCOME TO StarDazzle Inc.

StarDunes® is a unique controller with 16 functions (flash, fade, step fade, twinkle, and vari ous combinations) for managing decorative lights at home or business. This controller also has 5 Timer functions. String lights with flashing bulbs burn out after some time. Therefore most string lights nowadays does not have the flashing mechanism. Also, other controllers based on bi-metal strips heat up and could be a fire hazard.

This unique light controller helps in converting any ordinary incandescent or LED string light into flashing string light. Ideal for Holiday or Special Occasion lighting, Christmas Tree Lights, Lawn Ornament lights, Rope Lights, low wattage Business signs, etc.


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